Sunday, July 27, 2014

Movie Review: View from the Top with Gwyneth Paltrow

If you haven't seen it, you should watch View from the Top for the music and for Mike Myers's eye. Other than that, I didn't love this show. But we'll discuss that in a minute. First, I'm going to fill in the beat sheet!

1. Opening Image: Donna as a little girl at a birthday party making a wish to get out of her small town.
2. Theme Stated: You can be whatever you want to be.
3. Set-up: Everyone tells Donna that she is a small-town girl who belongs in a small town.
4. Catalyst: Her boyfriend dumps her and tells her that she is a small town girl and belongs in her town.
5. Debate: Donna freaks out on her first plane ride and doesn't think she can be a stewardess. Then she grows into her position as the stewardess of a small airline. She also meets Ted.
6. Break into Two: Road trip to San Diego to apply for a position with Royalty Airlines.
7. B story: Sally
8. Fun and Games: Training to become a Royalty Airlines stewardess.
9. Midpoint: Donna fails the test and is sent to Express instead of international.
10. Bad Guys Close In: She re-meets Ted and their relationship advances. Plus she gets a route with business class so her life isn't as terrible as it was.
11. All is Lost: She finds out her friend switched tests with her and she gets her international flight route. But, she breaks up with Ted to get it.
12. Dark Night of the Soul: Donna has everything she dreamed of but she is miserable.
13. Break into three: This is out of place, according to Blake Snyder, but it is when she gets her position on an international flight.
14. Finale: Donna meets Sally who says she shouldn't have left Ted. Donna flies to his parents' house, where he'll be for Christmas, and explains everything to his deaf grandma. Ted overhears and everything works out.
15. Final Image: Donna has become a pilot so she can fly international and still stay in Cleveland with Ted.

Why I didn't like it:
There were some really funny parts. But the main grabber of the show should have been the romance between Donna and Ted. However, although the love was more evident on Ted's side, I didn't feel connected to the relationship. It didn't HAVE to succeed for me to be happy. Ted and Donna being together was just a nice thing. And I think this is where the show failed. It didn't show Ted and Donna being soul-mates to the point where my heart broke when they were no longer together. If this had been better done, I think the entire show would have been more convincing.

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