Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Movie Review: Save the Cat with Sandra Bullock's 28 Days

So, in practicing for writing, I've started trying to pick apart movies according to the beats determined by Blake Snyder in his book Save the Cat. Today I watched 28 Days starring Sandra Bullock. And here are the beats of that movie, according to me.

Beating it out:

1. Opening Image - Sandra drunk
2. Theme Stated - "You make it impossible to love you."
3. Set-up - Sandra is drunk at her sister's wedding
4. Catalyst - Sandra enters rehab
5. Debate - Sandra doesn't believe she has a problem
6. Break into Two - Sandra makes the choice of rehab over prison and acknowledges she has a problem
7. B Story - Viggo Mortensen
8. Fun and Games - Sandra gets to know the people in her rehab group
9. Midpoint - Proposal
10. Bad Guys Close In - Temptations, confrontation with sister, refusal to fully accept consequences of addiction
11. All is Lost - Boyfriend fights with friend, roommate dies
12. Dark Night of the Soul - can't talk to counselor, can't talk to sister, can't talk to friend
13. Break into Three - Sister comes and tells her she makes it impossible not to love her
14. Finale - Sandra breaks up with boyfriend/lifts the leg of the horse
15. Final Image - In the floral shop buying a plant and runs into a member of her rehab group

What do you think? Did you come up with different beat points?

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