Saturday, September 20, 2014

Abondoned Places

My writing group likes to take the weekends off from writing prompts, but I really liked this prompt from Sarah Selecky, and I've missed not writing a prompt today. So . . .

  Places I don't go anymore:
  The lake.
  The world of secret doors and hidden traps created by laying bricks on their sides and building a labyrinth, then trying to maneuver 1980's star wars figures through while my brother decided that this wall moved or that door shut right before I got there.
  Into Tron. Or Tetris. Or Pit fall.
  The Salvato's.
  The sugarplum ball on Christmas Eve.
  The gelateria near the intersection of Via del Corso and Via dei Leoni nor the pizzeria between il Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce.
  Up the canyon with the Frankies.
  Camping alone.
  The dreamland of a limitless future where anything is possible.
  Portrait drawing class.
  With Steve to ballroom dance lessons.
  Sliding behind cars on snowy roads.
  The courthouse to support my mother and say hi to Brent.
  The east side of Bountiful.
  Visiting the Hammonds.
  Haunted Houses.
  Bed with my hair wet.

Time's up. But this was fun. Both Sabrina and Deb decided to join in. Check out their lists.

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