Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book Review: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

This turned out to be better than I thought. The first act dragged for me, although it did a good job world building. And the initial meeting of Nyx and Ignifex was weird. However, the story became hauntingly beautiful about a girl who wasn't as nice as she should be falling in love with a man she should hate.

First scene: The night before the wedding.
First act: Leading up to the wedding.
Break into second act: Nyx stepping into the castle and the door shutting behind her.
Midpoint: Ignifex takes Nyx to the Heart of Earth
Break into third act: The Heart of Air
All is lost: Nyx loses her husband and time makes it so they never met.

This story is a beautiful love story about a girl who doesn't believe she would be loved if people knew who she really was and a boy who is quite similar.

The point of reading this book is for the love story. There could have been so much more done in the background story of Nyx trying to kill her husband, the searching for what she needed, trying to free the land Arcadia, etc., but there wasn't. The main character makes a huge sacrifice, although it didn't evoke tears, which means the love bond wasn't as powerful as it could have been. Although there was a real love between the two main characters, there wasn't that bond of need, of "I'll die without you," that would have made the sacrifice more powerful. It seemed that Nyx would go on living--it was a sacrifice, but she could learn to love someone else. However, the story does end very well--it isn't the happily ever after with everything perfect, because the main characters have to relearn about each other, but the ending fits.

I liked Shade and Ignifex. I had no clue as to their secret. And I liked the ending. I just wished the non-love parts of the story had been better fleshed.

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