Saturday, September 27, 2014


  I lingered in the clouds and the darkness, watching the activity below. Everything was just as I remembered. The palace stood bathed in both sunlight and shadow, the numerous waterfalls producing a mist that, when needed, could enshroud the entire edifice. A scouting party of golden dragons was just returning, sailing on the wind that always hovered a hundred feet above the roof. Birds, excited by the activity, rose halfway up to meet them. The feeling of hope that always arose with the return of the scouts pulled at me and I drifted nearer. But then a dark dragon shot out below me, angling to intercept the scouts, and I pulled back to watch. When the dark dragon entered the light, a green stripe running from his head to his tail and branching onto his winds glinted in the sun like a million small emeralds.
  I pulled even farther away, into the stormy clouds as I fought the darkness threatening inside me. Blazar, the queen's most trusted advisor. Blazar the traitor.
  He was supposed to be gone on a secret errand for the queen. His absence was the only reason I had returned.
  Seeing him again awakened the ache of the scar along my back and left wing. My wing faltered from the memory of the wound and collapsed upward, sending me into a spiral. I found against the blinding pain, shouting that it was only a memory, that it wasn't real. Just as I was about to plummet into sight of the guards, the memory of Zoran's voice cut through the darkness. "Ellya, let the light in."
  I opened my mind and found a hole in the darkness, a small seam of light. I mentally reached for it and clawed my way through. Then I was blinded by light and my wing caught and I soared back into the clouds. But not before I felt a guard probe my presence. I had been discovered.

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  1. Nice. I love the way you used the picture. Your description of so many details. I think it's awesome that we all have a little dragon blood in our veins.

  2. My favorite is the detail about how his being gone was the reason she returned. So much intrinsically there that you don't have to say, but we very much feel.