Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The door

I sat down to write about this picture and immediately knew it had to be a continuation of one of the other prompts I've done. So, if you missed the first introduction to Tryvan and Jack, you can find them here. Deb has also written about a Jack, continuing from other posts she's written.

 We stopped.
  "Are you sure this is ryerrr-it?" Jack asked, croaking out the last word. Since the change, he always had one word that croaked.
  I rolled his eyes. I liked being a rabbit and having eyes to roll at the stupid things he said. "It's a tree with a door in it, just like she said."
  "But, Tryyyy-van, croak, how can we be sure it is the tree and the door?"
  "Look around. Do you see any other trees with doors? Come on."
  He grabbed my arm. I flinched. When he had been lichen and I had been moss he didn't have fingers to grab me with. I still wasn't used to the tiny suction cups sticking to my hair. "Let's just be cerrrrr-tain this time. Not like last time."
  "Last time turned out perfectly. And The Lady even found a new recruit."
  "We still messed up--crrrroak."
  I sighed. "Fine."
  I leaned over and, placing my paw on the moss surrounding the tree, I sent my mind down, through the pink pads of my hands. The moss wriggled under my pressure and I lightened my touch. Its relief came as a collective sigh. My nose twitched as I formed the best image I could of the beast we were looking for: large, round nose, large, round eyes, triangle ears, and red. That was all the description we had.
  The moss giggled and tittered; I had never been met moss so silly. But then it sent an affirmative shout and went still. I rose back up on my hind legs. "This is the place."
  Jack nodded. We hopped to the door. I knocked with a hind leg. Then we waited.
  After many minutes the door creaked open, but nothing was visible from inside except two dots of brown light. I cleared my throat and said, "The Lady sent us."
  The door opened wider and my body shook in terror. Before us stood a round nose, round eyes, triangle ears, and red--but it all stood on the body of a fox.


  1. I love that these two are some kind of shape shifters. Can't wait to read more about them!

  2. You are really good at fantasy. If I wasn't in love with the novel and genre you're currently writing, I would insist you switch over to fantasy. This is so much fun. Definitely want to read more.

    1. Actually, Deb, I've been thinking about that because most of my responses to prompts are fantasy. I wonder if that means I'm writing in the wrong genre. However, do not despair. I am determined to finish my current work in progress.

    2. Well I'm not going to complain about either of those things at all. This completely satiates Reader Deb. Now feed me Seymour!

  3. Sorry it took me so long to read this. I had that same thought when I read your castle prompt. You are SO good at fantasy! But I'm super glad to hear you are going to finish your current WIP. I need to know what happens to the yahoos!