Monday, September 29, 2014

The Floor

Sarah Selecky's prompt for the weekend was: Write a scene that takes place in the cereal aisle of a grocery store.

  White quick steps, on his tip toes.
  Black slow meanderer, feet firmly planted.
  Ooh, yellow jittery meanderer. A heal walker. I haven't seen one of those in a while.
  Pink tapper, small, next to a larger--what color is that? Pinkish blue?
  Runner, red and black. Running flat. That's going to cause problems later.
  Oh, man. Smelly, dirty--FEET?! Didn't they know they weren't allowed to shop naked?
  White, pristine and new. Practically dancing, lifting onto toes, settling back down.
  Uh-oh. Little ones. I can hear them coming....  Yup. Green is fast, pounding. Yellow following--oops, not just yellow, yellow with hints of blue. Ah, and pink comes last, small. Don't stop. None of you stop.
  Too late. Green stopped. And... Yellow has disappeared.
  I braced myself for the impact less than a second before it came. I should have been prepared. Whenever the little ones came in groups, there was always a--KABOOM!
  I flinched.
  The kids landed first, but I had braced for them. It was all the boxes that started hitting me, jabbing me with their sharp corners, that truly hurt. I tried to make myself hard, to keep from being damaged, but each cereal box corner felt like the wires of a cleaning brush digging into me. This number of boxes falling meant only one thing--the shelves were going to come, too.
  Green and yellow were back up, running. But pink one stopped. Tiny trembling hands touched me. And I was suddenly alert. Pink one was in the wrong place. Pink one would get hurt!
  I shifted, flexing, buckling, moving, and pink one slipped. Ooh, unicorn pocketed jeans. I angled up behind the jeans, just enough to get pink unicorn with the trembling hands sliding. And I moved until I slid her out past my end. I couldn't go any further, but I nudged main aisle until I felt his acknowledgement of her safety.
  I ached. I hadn't moved like that in years.
  And then the shelves came crashing down.

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  1. it weird that I got a little teary-eyed about a floor? Maybe.

    Well done.