Friday, September 12, 2014

Dark House

There are so many great pictures out there. This is the inspiration for today's writing prompt and I'm trying to incorporate Agitation as the emotion of the day. Read Sabrina's and Alison's as well!

My feet were frozen, but I still didn't step out of the stream. The house stood only a little ways from me; I would be there in mere minutes if I moved.
  I looked down. The water rippled around my ankles, unperturbed by the temporary barrier my legs created. The stones around me glistened in the moonlight.
  A cry sounded above the gentle roar of the water. To my left. From somewhere in the forest. I stared into the blackness, scared that something would come for me but terrified that nothing would.
  Another noise sounded, but this time from farther away. I swallowed and turned my attention back to the house. I was going to have to do it. It seemed that no matter how I exposed myself to risks, fate was forcing me forward like providence administered by a devil god.
  I took a deep breath. I would do this calmly. I would walk up, knock on the door, and wait until someone--no, not just anyone. There was no point in pretending I didn't know who would answer the door. I would wait until Granny Julia opened it. And then I would step inside. And by doing so, I would receive the magic I so desperately needed.
  I stepped onto a rock, my bare feet prickling now that they were released from the numbing water. I took another step and slipped back into the water. I flinched and quickly stepped out again, this time keeping my eyes on the stones before me instead of the house.
  It didn't take as long to find myself standing on the porch as I had hoped. The pain in my feet bellowed my stupidity in hesitating in the water for so long. My teeth chattered from the cold although my armpits began to feel wet with sweat. It was now. I had to do it now. No doubt she already knew I was here.
  I took a deep breath, lifted my hand, and moved to the door. Just as I was about to touch it, the door swung open.
  My mouth dropped open and I stumbled back. It wasn't supposed to happen that way. She knew the protocol, knew that rules. I was supposed to knock, then she could open the door. By not initiating the meeting with a knock, any promise of power I'd hoped to obtain was obliterated.
  "You took too long, Amyhrist," Granny Julia wheezed.
  Amethyst. My stupid name was Amethyst.


  1. "...fate was forcing me forward like providence administered by a devil god."

    Love that line! I like that she isn't allowed to knock! I'm so intrigued. Tell me more!

  2. Grandmothers are so infuriating. Don't they know they are supposed to make cookies and be nice and know our effing names, already?

    Love this story. I could definitely read more.