Monday, September 15, 2014


Today's ten-minute prompt was Caitlyn's idea. If she happens to write a response to her own prompt, I'll post the link here. Sabrina's could be the other half of mine.

I hate this contraption in my mouth. And on my back. Someday, I will be free again.
  "Josie, stop." The fairy on my back yanked on the straps attached to the bar in my mouth, wrenching at my already sore corners. I hissed, but quietly. No good came of voicing objection to the treatment. It would only keep the fairy suspicious.
  The fairy shifted in its saddle--the one on my back that made me ache. My tongue shot out, tasting for anything near. I had just slid out into the open riverbed, although half my body was still encased in the warmth and safety of the grass. If the fairy had any brains at all, the whole of me would still be hidden in the grass. This fairy was going to get us both killed, although I would definitely make sure she went first.
  "Nothing, I guess," she muttered. Then, "All right. Let's keep going. We have a long ways to go." Her wings flapped as though to propel me forward. I blinked, then put my head down and moved over the dirt and the rocks. She could be flying. All fairies can fly. But this one was too lazy. She would rather take me prisoner and make me travel miles from my home than risk flying and be mistaken for a tasty morsel. Umm, she probably would taste delicious. All her magic and skin and insides--except her wings. Wings were horrible--they never went down right. And more often than not, they got caught somewhere too far down to hack back up and not far enough down to get rid of. Blasted fairies.
  Suddenly a toad landed beside me and flicked its tongue out, grasping the fairy's leg and yanking her from my back.
  I reared my head. No stupid toad was going to free me--I would rather remain a slave forever than have to pay homage to a toad. I flicked my tongue down the toads face with a hiss. "Llllet herrr goooo, my fiiiiiine frrrrrrriend, and I willlll lllllet you lllllllive.   Sssssssssss."
  The toad blinked twice, then opened its mouth to yank the fairy in. I was there first. I bit down on his tongue--enough to cause pain, but not enough to damage anything. The toad croaked hoarsely and dropped the fairy. "You'lp pay for this'lp," it said.
  "I doooouuubt iiiiiit." No toad army would come after me when the toad's offense was so blatant and my retribution so light.
  The fairy clung to my neck, panting. Once the toad had disappeared she turned her face into my scales and sobbed, "Thank you, J-J-J-Josie." Blubbering fool.
  "Llllllet's goooooo," I hissed. She nodded, but didn't let go, her arms tightening around my throat. "Nooooow," I urged. I glanced around uncomfortably. I flicked my tongue out. Something else was drawing nearer. Something that made my scales stand on end.
  "Yes. Of course." Her grip loosened, but she hadn't let go before a large shadow fell over us.
  We were too late.


  1. Ours could be the same story from two different perspectives! That could be cool, huh? I like your ending better than mine, though. Nothing like something ominous to make us want more.

  2. From the snakes perspective...nice! Now who's the shadow??