Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What the Mirror Would Say

This picture is the writing prompt for the day. Check out Alison's and Sabrina's as well.

Have you ever wondered what would be shown if a mirror reflected your soul? Would your soul, so well hidden now by your body and worldly cares, be shriveled and black from too many selfish choices? Or would your soul surprise you with its size and beauty, and you would wonder how it is that such a thing is contained in your small body?
  The word soul is often viewed as a metaphysical thing and some doubt its existence. But there, inside each of us, is a little bit of otherworldliness, a little part that doesn't belong in mortality. We recognize it when that part of us responds to a beautiful sunset or reads a passage that moves us to tears; it inspires us to dance in the midnight rain, kicking our feet through the streams of water, jumping into puddles, and turning our face skyward in defiance of what we should do, which is duck our heads, pull our coats around us, and be warm, safe, and dry.
  I fear what the reflection of my soul would look like. I fear the words it would speak if given voice. For surely those times when I chose darkness over light would be exposed for all the world to see. But not just all the world. I would be the one looking into the mirror, and it is myself that would be looking back. It is a frightening thought. And so I wonder, would it be better to have no soul at all, so that if a mirror was held up nothing at all would show in the reflection?
  But, no, I would not choose that. For along with the black lines tattooed on the arms and torso of my soul are the bright eyes, the nimble fingers, and the beating heart, giving me life, promising change, taking in a world full of such wonder and beauty that I know, if only for an instant, that though I am of this world, I am also something more.


  1. That was unexpected and deep, Leah. I fear what I might see sometimes, too, but we must all trudge on, right? Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a good instant, a good reminder. I am in love with the fear and the tattoos as much as I am with the bright eyes and change. Thank heaven for it all. And thank you for this.