Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A City of My Own

Writing prompt from Sarah Selecky: Write a scene about buying something new.

I stepped back. The towers were certainly tall, and one could imagine what all the lights would look like at night. And the water would certainly prove useful. Still, I wasn't certain.
  The man next to me must have noticed my hesitation. "There is much power in this city. It is one of the four most powerful cities in the world. I am positive you will be gratified with your purchase," he said.
  I nodded. There was power. The power of thoughts, the power of wills, the power of determination. But there were also many shadows. And death. And cats. Lots and lots of cats.
  "Why are there so many cats?"
  The man's eyebrows rose. "There are always cats in large cities."
  I shook my head. "They will have to go. I cannot have cats."
  He shrugged. "When it is yours, you many do whatever you like with it."
  I nodded once. They could go. And I would have my city. "That building will be moved as well. And the park. It shouldn't be here."
  I caught a glimpse of his smile out of the corner of my eye and frowned. There was no point in pretending anymore.
  "I will take it."
  "Fabulous." He yanked the scroll out of the blue sky next to him where only air had been. It shimmered silver in the rays of the morning sun. The lettering sparkled with emerald ink.
  I took out my life pen. The blood-red ink in the pen would make the scroll look like a Christmas decoration. Perhaps I could request a copy.
  "Just sign here," he said.
  I nodded and glanced once more at the city. A city all my own. A powerful city. One of the most powerful.
  I rolled my shoulders back. It was time.
  I signed the document with my soul.

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  1. You are crazy. You have the most ingenious, unique concepts. I'm constantly floored by it.