Monday, October 27, 2014

A joining

Today's ten minute prompt. I really wanted to continue the story of Margaret and Greg, but since it's also my MIP, I'll have to go with something else.

Today an old man and a boy came by. But yesterday it was a woman. The woman came with want in her eyes and jealousy in her heart. A group slowly trudged up after her, all peeking through my holes. The woman stopped peeking through me, however, to peek at those around her. And she smiled. She smiled at the way they pushed and crushed to see what I made invisible.
  The man and the boy were different. The boy was curious, even though he knew what I hid. He had run his fingers down both sides of me. He yelled and played on one side but was happier on the other. Today, when he peeked through, he knew what he would see. But he still looked.
  The old man was confused. He had seen me before, too, but didn't remember. He knew me from when I was new. Of course, I block vision so that things may change on one side while remaining the same on the other. So what the old man expected to see, a continuation of what he saw, was not at all what he found.
  "What are we doin' here, Jimmy?" he'd asked the boy.
  "Nothin'. We're just wandering," the boy replied. But they weren't really wandering. For when you know where you are and where you are going, your feet find the way even if your heart is too busy to notice.

I may have to use this prompt again. There is a beauty in it that I didn't capture. But it would take more time than I have at the moment.


  1. Lovely. I agree about the beauty, though I think you have your thumb on it. I would love to see what else/more you come up with. It reminds me of the stuff you wrote about the 'not all who wander are lost prompt'--so much there and here to think about.

  2. I love the description of the woman. Her jealousy and watching others. Lots of thoughts.