Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Writing prompt for today, from Sarah Selecky: Describe a character by what he/she has packed in his/her luggage.

  Underwear. But not quite enough.
  Socks. Oh, here is a green one matched with a black one. Hmm.
  Ah, folded dress shirt. What? Only one?
  Slacks. Folded. Who folds slacks?
  Um, where are the pajamas? No pajamas?
  Oh, look, an automatic toothbrush.
  And floss. That is a good sign. It looks to be a new roll.
  But--where is the toothpaste? No toothpaste. Yikes.
  A book. Finally, something worth mention--what?! A Romance? Woah, that's quite the, um, cover. That's goes here, upside dow--under this shirt.
  Ah. Another book. Things to see here. Looks new, but . . . Oh, here's a corner turned down. Steakhouse. And another. Gym? But there aren't any . . .
  Oh. These aren't underwear. They're shorts? Yikes! And a speedo? But then, where are the--
  one pair of jeans
  Dove soap? For extra-sensitive skin. Um, that gets tucked right over here.
  More socks, another book. Romance again. And a similar cover--wait, is that man not wearing any pants?
  More.... more... But....
  Hm. No underwear. At all.
  Oh, here is deodorant. That's good. But still....

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