Sunday, October 5, 2014

October spells

This prompt is compliments of Caitlyn.

The moon was full. It was time to begin.
  "Ghost and ghouls, this night is yours
  to do your mischief upon these shores.
  So fly now, quickly, release your powers
  to all the earth from these dark towers.
  But don't forget to touch not that
  Which is forbidden from bat and cat
  Or else in air we'll find no breath
  And all be lost to endless death."
  She let the power of the chant ring around her. The orange demons flew through the air. The bats fled out the window into the sky. The air swirled once, then calmed.
  Sorcia closed her book and took a deep breath. It was done for another year. She ran a hand under her hair, brushing it away from her shoulders and neck. Then she closed her eyes.
  She shouldn't be in this position. Being the enchantress of all things death wasn't what she had dreamed of when she first discovered her powers. And she hated black and darkness.
  Although her dress fit nicely, she'd give them that. She ran a hand down her side. Yes, there wasn't another witch that looked half so good as she did. But she would look better in blue, commanding the waters of ocean and river, than black. And death got boring after a while.
  She had tried to tell her mother that. It was in the second year of her reign. Death, darkness, nightmares--they all were the same. She wanted to experience bending the sunlight, bringing people joy, calling down a spring rain or winter's first snowfall, causing a giant storm in a harbor--no, wait, that was death again.
  She sighed. Even though she longed to be someone else, she was bound to what she was. She was as linked to her dark calling as she was to her body.
  She sighed again and looked down at her cat, George. "Come on, then." He mewed once, then jumped on her shoulder. She gathers her skirts and spun. She was gone.

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  1. A main character who is the mistress of death, but doesn't like darkness and black is going to have some problems. Maybe she could try on other colors and change human's view of death? Ooh! I like that.