Sunday, October 26, 2014

read me

This prompt was actually for October 17th, but I was on vacation. So, Caitlyn, here I go.

  "Sir, we've got it."
  "Finally." I swiveled in my chair and faced the large, NASA-like screen. Nothing happened.
  "Where is it?" The screen was black. As though it was turned off.
  "I'm not sure, sir."
  "Well, figure it out." I went back to my Sudoku puzzle.
  "Ah, here it is."
  I glanced back up. The screen had gone blue, then the rainbow Microsoft logo flickered in the middle, sounding its familiar chime. Finally, the picture of a desktop appeared, the pristine beaches of the Seychelles Islands set as background.
  Some day, I would go there. If there was anything left.
  A file appeared on the screen. README.txt.
  "What is that?"
  "It's what we found, sir. It's what was stored in the woman's DNA."
  "Open it up."
  "Yes, sir."
  I scooted forward to the edge of my chair and leaned onto the desk. And I waited. Finally a little box showed up on screen. I squinted, but couldn't read the tiny print from so far away.
  "What seems to be the problem, Jeffs?"
  "It's requesting a password."
  "You've got to be kidding," I muttered. "Any ideas?" I asked louder.
  "Try 'All the world's a stage'," someone shouted.
  "No, 'In the beginning'," someone else shouted.
  "It's going to be forty-two!" someone stated.
  "I think it will be 'love'," the woman next to me said.
  "Jeffs? What have you tried?"
  "All of them, sir. Nothing is working."
  I looked at the file and leaned back in my chair. "Type: I want to read you."
  After a moment, Jeffs gasped. "It worked!"
  The file opened. In Hieroglyphics.
  "Anyone know Egyptian?" I asked with a sigh.

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