Saturday, November 1, 2014


I thought this would be a great prompt for starting off NANOWRIMO, but it's actually kind of hard.

The bitter cold ate at my hands and my face, but I didn't move to warm either of them. Movement would give away my location, and I wouldn't risk either of us.
  Rocks clambering on top of each other reached my ears. My gaze shot toward the sound.
  I stared. Then I gasped and started running. He was here, riding toward me. It was really him.
  He started in his saddle. Then he was flying out of it and into my arms. "Marianne."
  I wrapped my arms around him and he pulled me tight, as though hoping that the force of our embrace could make us one, never to be separated again.
  Time stilled into a moment of eternity and I was complete. The part of me that had sat, twisted and smashed and out of place like the large piece of one puzzle trying to force its way into a spot for a much smaller piece of a different puzzle, turned, adjusted, and slid into place.
  "I love you." He sank his face farther into my hair and I held onto him tighter.

That's all. Off to write 500 words as a kick-off for Nanowrimo!

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