Sunday, December 28, 2014


Sarah Seleckly writing prompt for today. Write a scene that uses the words: bubbles, frayed, apology.

I was old once. It was a desperate time, with darkness and muted sounds and a certainty that life would never change. I was slow. Time was slow. Water dripped from the bathroom faucet with the regularity of a grandfather clock, marking the seconds and minutes but never the quarter, half, or full hours, content in filling my world with reluctant anticipation for the next drop. My rancid frayed sheets no longer comforted; I detested needing them for warmth. My slippers filled their soles with holes until they were nothing more than an object used to hide my bent toes and discolored toenails. Socks refused to stay up, instead slipping traitorously down to my swollen ankles, exposing my spotted legs and darkened veins. I ate only hardened bread; I drank only stale water. Everything was a discolored gray. Even bubbles from my spittle that dropped to the floor shimmered with rainbows of gray, never offering apology for their dullness.

1 comment:

  1. That first line is great. And the rest is quite poetic. But slightly depressing. Glad I'm not old.