Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Into the Earth

From Sarah Selecky: Write about what happened when she least expected it. Use the word "hen."

  She plunged into the earth, the rock and sand becoming as air and water to her. She had only to think about where she wanted to go, and she found herself swimming--flying?--in that direction. She knew of people who could fly through air, and people who could fly through water. But she had never heard of someone flying through the ground. She rather wondered if this is how the hen in the garden felt on first learning it could lay eggs. If she could crow like that hen, she would.
  Warmth rippled over her as she dove deeper, her curiosity to know how deep she could go before she was crushed driving her on. The pressure built, the weight of the world straining to pin her down. But the farther she went, the lighter she became. She no longer felt her body, a limitation to her soul, but was as a breeze on a warm summer day. She should be dead, without air; she shouldn't survive so much ground above her; the steadily increasing heat as she neared the planet's core should have melted her. Instead she had never felt so alive.
  So shocked was she by the presence of the high, commanding voice, that she obeyed.


  1. Oh how I love your writing, Leah.

  2. Even as a fellow writer, I think, "Where did she come up with that?" Your imagination is fabulous, your talent limitless.