Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In the Beginning


In the Beginning the sun shone black and Darkness reigned over the Earth. It was a time of peace, for there was no war. The world knew no fear, for there were no shadows, no Dokkuri, no stolen souls. And so the people were content.
  Then there came the Light. And the Light destroyed.
  As it parted the darkness, it touched first the ear of a small mouse atop a stone at the tip of the tallest mountain. It warmed the ear and the mouse smiled, welcoming it. But below the mouse sat a beetle, ignored by Light's first ray. It rose with vengeance in its heart, intent on displacing the ear of the mouse, and thus were born Skuggi, shadows of the Light.
  Darkness fought against the Light and the Skuggi created by it, but when it saw its people embrace the Light and worship it, it became bitter and swallowed the Skuggi, making Darkness and the Skuggi one. Darkness battled the Light, determined to reclaim its power, and a great war rent the world. The living things grew afraid; the trees closed their leaves, the animals hid in their holes and the people shut their eyes. But Darkness did not forgive.
  The Light, sorrowing for what it had done and knowing its departure was the only way to restore peace, agreed to leave. But it watched as it left, and saw the people shiver. So it returns each day to warm the world's inhabitants, only to abandon them each night.

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