Saturday, January 31, 2015

Of Similes and Metaphors

Writing prompt for January 31, 2015: Take an object in your room and come up with ten comparisons for it. For the first five comparisons, use similes; for the next five, use metaphors. For instance, "The dresser, tall and narrow, looked like a coffin"; and then "The dresser, tall and narrow, was an altar." Don't let yourself use cliché comparisons, and make sure each on is truly enlightening, teaching us something we don't already know about the object. (From The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman, )

My Similes:
*The glass cupboard doors stood like mournful eyes, embarrassed to be displaying the mess behind them.
*The glass cupboard door, dusty and warped, stood like a homeless person, available for all to condemn but knowing only a few would ever look close enough to see what lay inside.
*The glass cupboard doors invited everyone to see the shelves' contents, as though displaying wares at an estate sale.
*The glass cupboard doors frowned upon the thief like overlarge eyes of disappointed parents.
*The glass cupboard doors stood like the eyes of an aloof God, eternally watching the family's triumphs and sorrows without response.

My Metaphors:
*The glass cupboard doors were revelators to the mess on the shelves and in the family's life.
*The glass cupboard doors, so familiar, so unchanged, were the eyes of a friendly God providing comfort to the crying man.
*The glass cupboard doors were unfeeling eyes, reminding her of the utilitarian society in which she lived and to which she would never belong.
*The glass cupboard doors were fickle priests, betraying everything they were supposed to conceal.
*The glass cupboard doors were mirrors, reflecting the mess within her by openly displaying the mess on the shelves.
Hm, perhaps I need to clean and organize the shelves behind my glass cupboard doors.

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  1. Wow. Who knew cupboard doors could say so much. You're very good at this.