Friday, June 5, 2015


When you're writing a book, there are times you don't know what it is about your book that it going to make it unique, going to make it interesting, going to make the reader care. You ignore the void, hoping it will get filled in time. You pace the floor, mentally shining a search light into the darkness of your mind, knowing there is a bridge of meaning that will bring your story off the pages into the hearts of your readers if you could only find it. Sometimes you try to force it, finding something interesting in someone else's book and trying to make that same thing work for yours.

But then, one day, you're reading along on something completely unrelated, some tidbit to do with your almost completed manuscript instead of the one you've tentatively started to write from a very tentative outline, and your mind presents you with a diamond key on a golden platter. "Here, this is what you've been looking for," it says. You stare at the key, reach a hesitant hand forward, touch it, pick it up, turn it over, all the while comparing it to your story, trying not to get too hopeful that it is indeed what you've been aching for.

But it is. And your whole life illuminates with the sunrise of discovery and you stand in awe of your own mind.

And then you write.